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Coach & Mentor

Kevin McNee is a Transformational Coach, Guide & Mentor from Northern British Columbia, Canada. He supports Men on the journey to identify and embody the version of themselves they were meant to be. His mission is to create a community of Consciously Aware Men that live their lives with Purpose and Peace, as their Authentic Selves.

Education & experience:

  • Masculine Alchemy Leadership Facilitator

  • Life Awareness Certified Breath work Instructor (in training)

  • Certified Personal Trainer

Transition from Corporate to Conscious

Through Coaching & Mentorship which guides Men to look inward to find the answers they already have but have been searching for externally, Kevin leads through Presence, Connection, and Openness, in a safe and confidential space.

As a former PGA of Canada Golf Professional, Kevin became well known in the PGA of BC, both for his personality and professionalism, working in Fort St. John, Kelowna, and Kamloops, BC. After 8 years in the Golf industry, Kevin transitioned into the Oil & Gas sector of Northern British Columbia.

Kevin spent 15 years in the oil & gas industry, beginning on the Drilling rigs, transitioned into Sales & Business development, then into Corporate Management. After many challenging but successful years as General Manager, Kevin transitioned to Highways Road Maintenance, as Manager of Operations. Realizing that the change brought on many of the same challenges, it was time transition once again, this time it was to help others, and live a life of purpose.

Throughout his time in these various industries, Kevin noticed a common theme, Men were struggling. They didn’t seem to know why, how to help themselves, or where to turn. The corporate culture and society didn’t foster a safe space for Men to be vulnerable about their struggles, hurt, overwhelm, stress, or burnt out, and it showed! Men need support, and that is Kevin’s intention.



Kevin started a Private Men’s Group called Warriors of the H.E.A.R.T in early 2020, prior to the pandemic, to provide a safe space for Men to support each other, have real, open, honest conversations, and share what has helped them on their own growth journeys.

Kevin began Coaching & Mentoring full time and founded Kevin McNee Coaching & Leadership (Warrior of the HEART). Through various modalities and training, Kevin believes in the importance of healing from the inside out. Self-care has been a passion of Kevin’s for almost 10 years and has become the main aspect in helping Men live an authentic life.

In addition to his business knowledge and experience, Kevin has worked with a number of successful coaches and mentors to add to his skillset. To further support the overall wellbeing of his clients, he became a Certified Personal Trainer through the ISSA, a Masculine Alchemy Leadership Facilitator through Sacred Sons, and is currently enrolled in the Life Awareness Certified Breath-work Instructor Course (Completion June 2022).  

Kevin is a Retreat Facilitator, has created wellness retreats and is one of the founding members of the Wild Man Within Men’s Retreat, where men connect in brotherhood, collective healing, shadow work, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual foundations.

Warriors of the H.E.A.R.T

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