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Have you achieved everything you thought would make you successful, happy, and fulfilled....but... your not?
Are you.....
Continuing to chase what you want, but when you get it, it leaves you wanting more?
Feeling like no matter how much you do, it's never enough?
Meant for more than the life you're currently living?
Feeling unheard, unfulfilled, and disconnected from yourself and others?
Wanting to make changes, but you don't know how or even where to begin?


Kevin McNee is a Transformational Coach, Guide & Mentor from Northern British Columbia, Canada. He supports Men on the journey to identify and embody the version of themselves they were meant to be. His mission is to create a community of Consciously Aware Men that live their lives with Purpose and Peace, as their Authentic Selves.


Private in-person or distance coaching enhances and evolves our perspective of ourselves and our world views. When shifts occur within our own being and our connection to ourself, our life reflects back to us through our experiences, our relationships, our work, and our purpose. It is in the co-creative container that one can be held and seen as they excavate through the layers of their armour to uncover their true essence, authenticity and voice.

Coaching supports the guidance of identifying the root causes to our limiting beliefs, patterns and paradigms that hold us back from living our most authentic life full of joy, love, purpose and connection. 



This unique coaching offering brings individuals together to add value to each other's lives and come together in a intimate group environment. We need connection and brotherhood now more than ever. We don't have to go it alone. Navigating through our own changes and shifts carries fear and uncertainty. In the group container, you cultivate the inner tools and resources to face your current challenges, and learn to move forward from a place of empowerment, bravery, courage and resilience.

Guided by the pillars of Presence, Openness, and Connection, you will leave the group container inspired by your own light that carries you back to your life with vision and clarity.


Kevin offers a direct and caring approach to mental health, self improvement and mindfulness. Through developed informational material he has researched and put together to fit his audience, his delivery identifies the crucial next steps in the discover of self healing with other human improvement strategies.

He has a calm and patient mannerism that allows one to open up while they seek the tools needed to identify , work on and solve the inner turmoil they may be experiencing or simply build the blocks within needed to become better in any facet or area of one’s life. If trusting of the process and open and honest with yourself and him his coaching can assist in unlocking your human potential and tackling the fears that may be holding you back from instilling peace in your soul and heart. Even for the polished child , student , employee , or adult Kevin can offer support and next level approaches to finding and exposing things to work on.


Through real life experiences Kevin offers points of view that are relatable too many walks of life. He has no issue sharing and being honest with his student and allowing a safe space for dialogue. Not to be confused with psychology or therapy I truly believe this to be a great alternative to growth and becoming a better human and unlocking one’s potential in this world. 

Carl l.

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